Natural cleaning solutions with everyday household items

Chemical free cleaning is here to stay.  All across the country, people are finding ways to reduce the number of chemicals in their homes by using natural cleaning solutions.

Some of the benefits of chemical free cleaning include:

A stronger immune system: Researchers have suggested that reducing the amount of chemicals present in homes may result in fewer illnesses and are less likely to develop allergies.

A stronger planet: We are collectively building more sustainable planet by reducing the amount of chemicals we release into our environment.

Cost savings:  One study has found that the average household spends $445 a year on cleaning products.  This amount can reduced by up to 70% simply by switching to natural cleaning agents.



The juice of the lemon is about 5% to 6% of citric acid.  This juice is effective in removing dirt and rust stains.


Stains on cutting boards

For both wooden and plastic cutting boards, simply squeeze half a lemon on the stained surface and rub.  Leave for 30 minutes, the citric acid will begin to break down the stain.  Rinse.


Clean greasy dishes

For those extremely greasy messes, squeeze lemon juice and let it sit for a few minutes.  Add more lemon juice into a bowl and combine with baking soda to form a thick paste and scrub.



Combine lemon juice and cream of tartar to make a paste and apply to brass, copper and stainless steel to keep them sparkling.  Leave for 10 minutes then rinse in warm water and dry.  Gentle enough to polish metal surfaces without scratching.


Stains left on plastic food storage containers

Do you have stubborn stains and odour from tomato soup or Bolognese? Slice a lemon in half, rub on the stained area and allow to dry in a sunny place.  Scrub with diluted lemon juice and rinse.



Acetic acid or white vinegar is a disinfectant, deodorizer and cuts grease.

General spray

Combine 50/50 ratio of vinegar and water.  Spray and wipe for benches, shower screens, tiles, basins.  Everything will become sparkly clean with this solution.


Clean soap scum

Soap scum can often build up over time causing stubborn stains to surface.  Give the bath the squeaky clean by wiping once over with vinegar, followed by a sprinkle of bicarb soda and then giving it a scrub and rinse.


Mouldy bath toys

Bring that rubber duck back to life, soak the kids bath toys with vinegar for a few hours, rinse with water and wipe clean.